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Daily Dig: 4/7/20

Scripture: Nehemiah 4

Nehemiah and the Jews are trying to build a wall. They were called by God to build a wall. As their work progressed so did the taunts of their enemies.

It is TOUGH when you’re doing what you feel called to do and people say things to try and tear down what you’ve been building…when they try to tear YOU down.

I really want to be like Nehemiah in these situations. I want to stand strong!

I want to stand strong not in my own power, but in the power of God:

The Lord will give you strength to fulfill your calling. He will also give you the support of others. Nehemiah didn’t have to work alone…you don’t have to work alone either:

Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight…

Vs. 14

When someone says an encouraging word to me that lines up with what I know from God I feel the strength of the Lord being renewed within me.

Encourage your brothers and sisters. Stand strong beside them in the Lord. Help them defeat the taunts of their enemies and the lies of Satan.

Be prepared to fight your battles, but don’t fight them alone:

Our God will fight for us.

Vs. 20

Journal: Write a prayer asking God to send you the encouragement you need today. Pray for those who need encouragement. Write a note or text to someone letting them know that you have their back.

Move: Workout…grab some dumbbells. Google any exercises you don’t know:

Praise the Lord, and just show up.

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