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Topsy Turkey 10k

A 10k Glorified Group run/race!

This is NOT a sanctioned/registered/official road race. The streets will be open, there will not be water stations, you will be running at your own risk.

We will meet at Legion Field in Covington, GA on Wednesday, November 23rd, and begin PROMPTLY at 8:30am.

[If for some reason the field is in use and the parking lot is full we will park as close as we can and meet at the start line which is on Mill St. just outside of the Legion Field entrance.]

Facebook Event Page: click here.

Map of course: click here.

You have to study the route because I will not mark it this year — I have PTSD from the last time I did that 😵‍💫 — though there may be a lone piece of raggedy cardboard pumpkin pie hanging on the corner of Floyd and Dearing.

Start on MILL ST.
Turn RIGHT on to Newton Dr. (HILL 1)
*Turn Right after you pass the Library entrance and curve around behind United Bank to Hazelbrand Rd. (Mile 1)
Turn RIGHT on to Hazelbrand.
Turn RIGHT on to Martin St. (HILL 2)
Continue straight on to Floyd St. and then
Turn LEFT on to Dearing St. (look for possible ragged cardboard pumpkin pie on the stop sign).
Turn LEFT on to Indie Circle. (MILE 2)
Turn LEFT on to Conyers St. and follow it around as it turns into Crestview.
Continue straight on Crestview and then
Turn LEFT to run partially down Forest Dr.
Turn LEFT onto Farmington Dr. (HILL 3)
Turn RIGHT back on to Crestview and curve back around to Conyers. (MILE 3)
Run down Conyers St.
Turn LEFT into the first cemetery entrance and take a wide loop to the left and around. (HILL 4, MILE 4)
Turn RIGHT and then LEFT to exit the cemetery through the main gate.
Cross Conyers St. on to Davis St.
Turn RIGHT on to College Ave.
Turn RIGHT on to East St.
Turn LEFT on to Thompson Ave. (HILL 5)
Turn LEFT on to Elizabeth St. (MILE 5)
Turn LEFT on to Floyd.
Turn RIGHT on to Elm St. (Stay on the right side of the road here.)
Turn RIGHT on to Williams St. (HILL 6)
Turn RIGHT on to Anderson Ave.
Turn LEFT back to Newton Dr. (MILE 6)
Turn RIGHT back to MILL St.
Finish where you started!

Want a sweatshirt???

Pay $45 by Sunday, Nov. 6: