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Couch to 5k Registration

Please print and complete this form, and turn it into the Covington Police Department:

(You have to fill out this form and turn it in to the police department so they have your t-shirt size.)

You can pay by cash or check directly to police department OR complete the form and payment below and I’ll contact you for more information. (The form below is just so I have your contact info and payment by PayPal.)

Couch to 5k Single Registration

Please fill out the form above as well so that I have your contact information.


Couch to 5k Buddy Registration (2-people)

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More about me and what I do…

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I know I talk a lot about faith, flowers, and this ol’ farmhouse, but fitness is really what the Lord has me doing at this point in life.

I keep a fairly busy schedule at the Covington Family YMCA teaching classes and personal training. I love it for a lot of reasons but the best thing about my job is the friends I make through it. So many good people gather at the Y to sweat and grunt together! (Snicker.)

This is my current schedule and possible training opportunities for you:

Monday: I have availabilities just before 4:30pm. I also teach HIIT (high intensity interval training) at 4:30pm at the YMCA

Tuesdays: I have availabilities early or mid-morning as well as just before 4:30pm. Then I teach Bootcamp Combo from 5:45-7:15pm. You can come jump in this class at any time!

Wednesday: Closed for business. 😊

Thursday: Later mornings are open.

Friday: I teach HIIT at 6am (so early)! And Cycle and Tone at 9:15am (my favorite class)! I do have 7 or 8am open to train, as well as 10am.

Saturday: Run day!

Sunday: Fun Day!

Come join my Facebook run group for updates on all things running in Covington…(link below).

Long Strides: Covington Community Run Group

Sign up to train with me at the Y. Just ask at the front desk and be sure to contact me!

At this time I’d also like to offer custom designed run training plans (5k to ultra marathon) for a flat fee of $100. We can meet or talk once to discuss your abilities, goals, and schedule and come up with a plan (up to 16 weeks) to get you to your goal race at top shape. After that it would be up to you to actually follow the plan. πŸ˜‰ Of course I’d be available for questions or concerns.

You can always find me at the Y or contact me by email at

More about me:

Why “metamorphosis”???

One of the first people I trained called herself a “slug”…and yes, she was a bit sluggish from not being physically active for a long time.

However, after our first six weeks together she was hungry for more and ready to take on training for a 5k.

We trained another six weeks and she did complete that 5k! We had taken a run/walk approach and this got her to that finish line, BUT it only made her want to set the bar a little higher!

SO, we’re now nearing the end of our third six week stint and she’s about to go for another 5k…this time running the whole time!

This is metamorphosis…

Transforming not only your body but also your mindset…challenging yourself and continually setting new goals for yourself.

I would love to help you see this change within yourself.

I am an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Road Runners Club of America Certified Run Coach.

Praise the Lord.

Bonus Workout

I like to use Evernote…thus the format here…
Have a good sweat!!!
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