Acts 21

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So God, we pray help us. Help us we pray, to obey you even when it’s costly. God, I don’t even know the full identification of what that means in my own life, certainly not for other people’s lives who are listening to this, but God we pray for a trust in you like we see in Paul in Acts 21, a willingness to walk, to go wherever you lead, to do whatever you call us to do, a confidence in your provision, even when we know it will be hard. Lord, we pray for strength and courage in every one of our lives to obey you today and however you lead us in the days to come for the spread of your gospel and the glory of your name.

Help us, we pray. Please help me, help us not to shrink back when things get hard, not to be silent and not to walk away. To disobey you and your leadership in our lives. Help us to follow you even when we know it’s costly. In the process to trust that you will show yourself faithful and strong and good on our behalf. Just as you did for Paul as he walked into imprisonment.

I pray these things with humility. A sober mind in not knowing what this means for our lives, but knowing that you will be faithful. We pray these things in Jesus name. Amen.

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