Seeing Jesus in Our Rise and Fall Moments

Today’s Devo:

An audio devotion today…

@First5App @Proverbs31org

Today’s Reading:

Week 4 introduction. Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, pages 122-123

If you ever feel low, do a search for all the verses that contain, “But God…” You won’t regret it.

Another blog:

I was Google-searching the quote, “You cannot step into the same river twice” by Heraclitus because Tim Keller mentioned it in this sermon and I was contemplating the unwavering-ness of Jesus through the chaos and changes of life. (Waiting for kids at cold soccer games gives me time to jump down some rabbit holes.) Anyway, I ran across this post, which I thought was worth the read:

And some truths to remind you who you are  BECAUSE God never changes. He’s the steady line:

That’s from my schoolwork this week.

And a song:

How do you see Jesus bringing order in your disorder, or peace in your chaos, or balance in your instability?

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