What’s HVAC, you say?

I started to write this blog at the end of January, but I thought, “We didn’t really get much done.”

BUT THEN I was like, “DUH! We have HVAC!”

Now…I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have asked me, “What’s HVAC?”

Either I’m not using the acronym correctly, or there are a lot of people who have never gone without it!

Therefore, I present to you…HVAC (aka heating, ventilation, and air conditioning):

This all came about shortly after Christmas.  An overly kind family gifted these to us before the holiday, but IV wasn’t able to get it installed until things slowed down a bit, and that was a-okay. We’re eternally grateful to Roxanna and Florin for the system, and to Dennis for bartering with us for the labor.  We have enjoyed being able to take our coats off in the house! 

Warm toes, warm hearts.

I made a slow transition from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.

You may remember me celebrating having a working dishwasher…well that was short lived.  So, it’s back to the hand washing for now, but I’m still grateful I don’t have to use the bathtub anymore! Plus, everyone leaves you alone when you wash dishes so it’s a good time for quiet thoughts and prayers. 

Our snow day…just a little.

The days at home caused by the ice and snow gave me time to get a few details done around the house, such as sewing some curtains…

I’m a very amateur seamstress but I got it done.

IV fought thru the flu, or some kind of week long sickness, but didn’t slow down very much. He used the extra time at home to finally hang Lottie’s and Duke’s Christmas gift. The backboard was the covering on our enclosed fireplace. Upcycling.

On the downside, we keep having annoying setbacks amongst the process. 

A pipe froze and IV had to cut a hole in the wall to fix it.  Oh well, we were just thankful to have running water again!

We’ll fix the hole one day…it’s patched up for now.

Happier news is that Puddles the pig is loving life in the shade!:

The kids and I have also had fun watching birds come to our ugly yet functional frisbee bird feeder. The birds make it pretty.

Also, the flowers that were blooming when we first fell in love with this place are at it again! I’m hoping all the new bulbs I planted will follow suit!

And then I finally got around to another section of tile in the laundry room. 

Nana and Poppy came to town and gave me the little boost I needed. 

Tilings okay, but flowers are still my fave. 😊

My granny gave me the little mini skillet in the background to add to my collection. Love it!

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Birthday to my all-star basketball player  (and so much more) Lottie!

I definitely praise the Lord for her!!!

1 thought on “What’s HVAC, you say?”

  1. Ummmm…. I really don’t know Why I’m seeing this post one year later, but anyway, hope your HVAC still works!!!❤️🤗 LOL
    We moved into an old tiny house with young kids and just had a baby about 13 years ago and we had to bear through through one Winter and one Summer without HVAC and I think actually the summer was worse than Winter, so muggy. But yeah, having to wake up at 5-6AM to start the fire, so main area would be warm enough for the Little people when they wake up, maintaining the fire throughout the day is a very kind reminder of what a blessing today’s technology is. Just give me working plumbing, a dryer, dishwasher & HVAC and life should be pretty good! 😁 Some people in many parts of the world don’t get to have that! We’re so blessed!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻


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