Daily Dig: 1/21/21

Scripture: 3 John 1 (That’ll make 3 whole books of the Bible we’ve read this year!)

This little book is packed with human relation.

First, John is writing to his dear friend and brother in Christ, praying for him and encouraging him.

  • Let’s pray for our friends and pray for our church.

Second, he’s encouraging his friend to support others working in the faith.

  • Let’s support each other in works of faith within the church and outside its walls.

Third, he’s dealing with a person who is putting himself before others, imitated evil rather than good.

  • Let’s always put others before ourselves…imitate good .

Journal: Write out an action, or actions, you could take today to encourage someone else (maybe write them a note). Or think of a way to support people working in or with the church (maybe ask them if there’s something they need that you could buy for them). Or just be purposeful in putting others first today. Write your ideas down so you’ll feel more committed to them.

Move: Here’s a gym workout I call “Fail to Succeed” as in “fail in order to succeed.” Doing reps to failure is a “fun” change-up!

You can do most of that at home by making these substitutions:

  • Floor dumbbell press instead of bench press.
  • Bent over dumbbell row or row with a band instead of seated cable row.
  • Deadlift with dumbbells.
  • And crunches instead of ab machine.

Praise the Lord, and keep showing up!


This wasn’t on the list…

IV played in the dirt all Father’s Day weekend. He’s trying to dig out a pond and make a place for my mom and dad’s RV. In the process he uncovered almost a hundred of these patio stones:

They’re nothing fancy but they’re something we’ve been needing for our back entrance into the mudroom:

This was not on the to-do list but the time was right and the materials were at hand so Lottie and I set to work.

IV helped level it, Crockett helped break up some dirt clumps, and King painted the door, and…

SO much better! It looks happy now. 🙂

Lottie even got to put her little fairy garden in the new flower bed by the door.

Thankful for a productive weekend!

Praise the Lord!


Checkin’ it off

Progress…I like progress.

I’m glad to have the mudroom finished!

Here’s another angle with the original before picture and then the after…

Now I just have to find myself a nice yard sale treadmill to go in here and I’ll be set to spend many hours in this room…of course, I’ll be spending many hours in here anyway. Laundry never ceases!

I also finished the porch ceiling! (Much to the dismay of the barn swallows.)

IV is suppose to hang my swing today. That swing was a design by my Papaw, and I’m not sure if he made this particular one or if it was by my uncle Dale, but I love that it’s a part of our home.

Praise the Lord.