Going Bananas

I (with the help of Molly Grace) achieved my original goal for the week…

The kitchen is painted! 

Of course, there is still this big hole in the wall:

But that’s for another day.

Before I cracked the paint cans open the kids and I spent some time playing in the dirt.

We made a plan for the walkway:

IV actually said he’ll get those for me at a lower price somewhere other than Home Depot.

I’m all about a lower price.

That was on Tuesday, and on Thursday Lottie and I hit opening day at Grower’s Outlet.

We came home with a fun surprise!

A banana tree! Who ever thunk it…

We’ll see if it actually produces.

We also bought some flowers and promptly planted them around the yard:

Aww…the construction life.

What a mess.

It does get old, but being out in these wide open spaces makes it all worth it.

Yep…that’s never gonna get old.

Praise the Lord.

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