Whisked Away by Wind and Work.

You know what renovation work we got done this week?


We had just enough time to make a mess in the new kitchen before we headed for the hills of Tennessee in front of that nasty storm.

I did have plenty of time to think and plan how I want things to go in that room though. 

One thing I nailed down (not literally) was my layout for the cast iron pieces I want to hang on the wall.  

These items will also be heavily used so it’ll be nice to have them within reach.

My mom collected these at yard sales over time ($5 for a big Lodge skillet!!!) and I LOVE them! I bought the leafy spoon rests from one of my favorite stores on the Covington square, Revolution.

I’m going to sand and poly these boards (below) and put some hooks on them to hang my display. It’s going to go in that big blank space on the wall shown in the top picture of this post.

Rough cut at its roughest.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Also, while I was in Tennessee I remembered that I had bought the top of a hutch (or is that the hutch itself? I dunno.) at a yard sale for $10 a long time ago and I didn’t know where it was. Duke assured me it was in the studio, aka “bro cave”.

Not what I intended it for. 😅

I really want to use it in the kitchen but I have to wait for IV to be around so we can get the countertop situated to see if it will work.

Other than that I did some storm damage assessment around the house and everything was okay. 

IV’s makeshift tool shed took the worst hit but that wasn’t surprising:

What a mess…but no biggy.

I did love that these flowers had bloomed while I was gone:

I had to look them up, but it’s called a Spider Lily or sometimes Hurricane Lily. I thought the second name was more appropriate.  A nice little bright spot after a very dark week.

Praise the Lord.

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Home Rehab: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

We’ve now spent two peaceful nights in our new home.

Today we will (Lord willing) finish cleaning out Pinewood Drive, and we’ll close the book on that chapter of our lives.

Though I haven’t posted daily we have still been busy on the renovations of our house.

I’ve been unpacking and organizing…little bits at a time.

Of course a lot of these areas have been covered with boxes right after I took the picture 😅, but getting the pretty picture was motivation to get things put away.

The kids have been carrying their load as well:

That’s going to be our kitchen floor…we’ll see how it turns out.

And while IV was buying the lumber from Champion Sawmill, he found this (very heavy) treasure:

That sawmill is a cool place!

Besides those renovations there were things to be done before our first night:

Thankfully we did all have a place to sleep.

And we have to start school tomorrow so I dug out our books…

I’m not nailing into the walls until everything is settled so I’ve just been using the nails that are already there. 

I decided the clock looks better on this one for now:

Most importantly we have a place to eat:

A well-stocked kitchen

I’ve got everything but…

You guessed it…

The kitchen sink. (And I have a hundred pound cast iron one of those, but it will have to wait for its final resting place.)

Praise the Lord!

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Home Rehab Day 26: Tag Team Take 3

We made good progress today.

It’s probably because I was well fueled:

Peach milkshake…yum.

I painted the itty-bitty bathroom:


And I arranged all my tiles for the floor and marked the ones that need to be cut:

Tiles make me nervous. 

A storm started blowing in, and those huge trees around our house made me nervous too! The kids had to be at church anyway, so I tagged IV in as we headed out.

As I drove away down County Road 229 I came to a truck stopped in the road because of a giant limb down.  I had to get out in the storm and help him drag it to the side! Thunder and lightning are not my friend but I felt pretty tough out there… like a real country woman. 😂


IV worked the late evening shift and made himself a staircase:


He’s got skills.

Praise the Lord.

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Home Rehab Day 25: Reality Sets In

I knew the day would come…

My motivation was draining as fast as our construction fund.

I got frustrated with IV because the work I can do is riding on the tail of the work he’s doing now, and it felt like I was driving behind a slowpoke in the fast lane. {He wasn’t going slow…he actually works very quickly, but he’s working a few jobs at once here, and I wanted my job done first.}

Here’s what I WAS able to get done:


I screwed the door back on my freshly painted medicine cabinet…

And that was it.

Ha! Not really, but that’s what it felt like.

I did roll the first coat of paint on our little bathroom.  I had just started that when IV got to the house. He promptly began working on the stairs:


I thought he would come around to put the last of the backer board up in the bathroom so I put my paint away and piddled around organizing boxes and cleaning up…trying to clear a path for furniture.

These were things that needed to be done but it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing…

Romans 8:28 kept coming to mind.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

This is my go-to verse whenever MY plans get messed up.

I knew it would be okay…

Then I had to leave for Pilates, but IV kept working…

The stairs are looking good!


And he DID get around to that backer board afterall!


So, with some comfort from the Scripture today, as well as constantly reminding myself that God provides in His way and His time,  I’m ending this day still praising the Lord.


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Home Rehab Day 24: Paint and Plywood

Today was a LONG day for both IV and me.

I went to the house this morning and painted the beadboard…


And I also painted this cute little medicine cabinet I bought at a yard sale a while back…


It will hang in our new bathroom…the paint should be dry tomorrow and I’ll get an “after” pic.

I spent the rest of the day running here and there…taking care of business.

When IV was finished taking care of his business he went to the house and was able to get the shower walls up and start on the staircase. He didn’t take any pics so we’ll all be in suspense until tomorow.

It was 9 pm before we were both home and settling down.

Can’t wait to be moved in so we can live and work simultaneously… I’m ready to resume our normal schedule.

Praise the Lord.