New Farm, Old House

We just hosted a giant low country boil house warming party (pictures to come) last weekend. We wanted to thank everyone who has helped us over the past year to make this house our home. It was a blast!

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! 365 of these:

We’re considering the house “done” even though the to-do list is ever long. It’s always going to be there…everybody has one.

We did make a lot of progress before the party but now we’re just pooped, so we’re going to sit back and enjoy the quiet country life for a bit.

Animal update:

Pigs did not work.

Chickens work but a Beagle on the loose did not. Now the chicken works. Sad.

Goats are working! Too bad they’re both male…not sure what good that does us except weed control. We definitely need help with that!

Flowers are also working! I have a sunflower as tall as me out there!

And the veggies are popping out of the ground. Can’t wait to feast!

Praise the Lord!