Katie’s Whole-Self Fitness

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Training options:

Personal training: From weight training workouts to cardio HIIT to mat pilates…I can put together workouts that fit your fitness style.

I train mostly at the Covington Family YMCA right now. You can sign-up for a training package for $180. This package covers 12, half-hour sessions and requires a YMCA membership. Contact me to check my availability, and then I’ll direct you to the front desk at the Y to finish sign-up.

Also, for $100/month I offer twice-a-week run training, outside fitness training, or training at Planet Fitness. With homeschool being my top priority right now my time is limited, but if your schedule is flexible we can make it happen.

For $100 flat fee I offer 10 weeks of workouts. Every week you receive a personalized workout schedule in your inbox that you can do in your own time and space. Throughout the week I’m available for questions/concerns/general whining 😉 and at the end of each week we’ll check-in to see how it went and if any changes need to be made. Then I’ll send your new routine.  The workouts may include links to videos or exercise instructions.

I also offer custom designed run training plans (5k to ultra marathon) for a flat fee of $100. (This is not just for beginners but for anyone wanting to improve or progress.) We can discuss your abilities, goals, and schedule and come up with a plan (8- 16 weeks depending on your goal) to get you to your running goal. After that it would be up to you to actually follow the plan.  Of course I’d be available anytime along the way for questions, concerns, or motivational quotes… like this one:

So nice.

So get off the couch and contact me by email at katies1225@gmail.com or just meet me at the gym!

Let’s do this.

More about me:

I like to see metamorphosis in people.

One of the first people I trained called herself a “slug”…and yes, she was a bit sluggish from not being physically active for a long time.

However, after our first six weeks together she was hungry for more and ready to take on training for a 5k.

We trained another six weeks and she did complete that 5k! We had taken a run/walk approach and this got her to that finish line, BUT it only made her want to set the bar a little higher!

SO, we’re now nearing the end of our third six week stint and she’s about to go for another 5k…this time running the whole time!

This is metamorphosis…

Transforming not only your body but also your mindset…challenging yourself and continually setting new goals for yourself.

I would love to help you see this change within yourself.

I am an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Road Runners Club of America Certified Run Coach.

Praise the Lord.

Bonus Workout: These are moves you can do anywhere! They’re great for runners and non-runners alike:

Just show up!