Motivation for the Final Kick

Work on the house has slowed a bit over the past few months. We have planted a garden, and cut some brush, and mowed and weed-eated, and mowed and weed-eated, and mowed and weed-eated. King and Duke have finally come to grips with this new never ending chore…I think.

We’ve been planning since the beginning to have a “low country boil” house-warming party to thank everyone who has lent a hand over the last year, or given supplies or giftcards, or extra prayers. It’s finally going to happen so our desire to finish projects around the house has been rejuvenated!

Now, if you haven’t been invited to our party yet, have no fears…you can claim your spot by helping me knock some stuff off this list. 😅

I’ve gotten things rolling by re-opening some paint cans. I cleared the clutter from these shelves and painted the back wall gray:

They’ll house my coffee mugs and some flower vases. I wish we could’ve spared these built-ins from being behind the stairs but that was the only way to fit in access to the boys room. It works.

Next, I decided to tackle the laundry room ceiling.

I’ve got this pretty blue which I also used on the foyer ceiling. I love it.

And no, there wasn’t enough so I’ve got to make a Home Depot run for more and for paint rollers too.

Next up…the porch ceiling so IV can hang my swing!

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Home Rehab: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

We’ve now spent two peaceful nights in our new home.

Today we will (Lord willing) finish cleaning out Pinewood Drive, and we’ll close the book on that chapter of our lives.

Though I haven’t posted daily we have still been busy on the renovations of our house.

I’ve been unpacking and organizing…little bits at a time.

Of course a lot of these areas have been covered with boxes right after I took the picture 😅, but getting the pretty picture was motivation to get things put away.

The kids have been carrying their load as well:

That’s going to be our kitchen floor…we’ll see how it turns out.

And while IV was buying the lumber from Champion Sawmill, he found this (very heavy) treasure:

That sawmill is a cool place!

Besides those renovations there were things to be done before our first night:

Thankfully we did all have a place to sleep.

And we have to start school tomorrow so I dug out our books…

I’m not nailing into the walls until everything is settled so I’ve just been using the nails that are already there. 

I decided the clock looks better on this one for now:

Most importantly we have a place to eat:

A well-stocked kitchen

I’ve got everything but…

You guessed it…

The kitchen sink. (And I have a hundred pound cast iron one of those, but it will have to wait for its final resting place.)

Praise the Lord!

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Home Rehab Day 30: Too Much for a Sunday Afternoon

Today, I needed some tiles cut to go around the toilet.

We tried the jigsaw with a diamond tile blade but it just wasn’t cutting it. (That’s punny.)

So, IV manipulated the wet saw to cut these perfect curves along the lines I’d traced on the tiles:

I hung my head in shame as I admitted what I’d done. 

He’s so merciful though. All he said was, “The only people these things don’t happen to are the people who don’t do anything.”

And then he cut two new tiles for me…the right way. ❤

I set the floor tile and then started grouting the shower.

I thought this would be the easy part, but I might have been crying my first bout of shower tears if Richard hadn’t been there to save me.

I was struggling on the first wall and he came in and slapped that stuff right on the second one. (He’s obviously done this before. 🤔)

I was beyond thankful.

Also, Richard and IV were taking down a board covering a window in the kitchen and when they flipped it over this is what they found:

Sorry…it’s sold. 🤗 We bought all the “acers”. Haha!

We were entertained.

After that it turned out to be a long day, but good stuff was done…

It looks like a crime scene, but we just want to keep them clean until they’re stained.
IV said that was a PAIN, but they finally got it in.

We’re on a countdown to returning to our new “normal” life now!

Gonna be living in that construction zone real soon!

Praise the Lord.

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Home Rehab Day 29: A Birthday and Small Steps Forward 

First of all, it’s Crockett’s birthday today!

This is the last birthday we plan to have on Pinewood Drive.  Crockett has celebrated every birthday here, so this move is especially meaningful for him. (Though he doesn’t really realize it.)

That was how we ended the day.

Before the cake, we were busy…




The addition of the cross wasn’t initially planned, but when it worked out that way I was in love.

{I kept it for a surprise for IV, but he came and saw it before we left tonight.}

I was thinking as I worked that my blood and sweat are in this (my first) tile project. You know tears usually come in the package with sweat and blood, but (thankfully) none of those were shed today.

Instead, those will come later…

on some random hard day…

and I’ll probably cry them in the shower.

At that time, having this cross in the tile pattern will serve as a reminder of the blood, sweat, and tears shed for me in a much bigger patterned scheme.

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us, in all wisdom and insight making known to us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth.

Ephesians 1:7‭-‬10

It was a good day overall.

…And Lulu likes the country:

Photo credit: Duke

Praise the Lord.

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Home Rehab Day 28: Tiling and Styling!

We took more boxes and such to the house today, and we were able to reorganize a bit so it’s becoming functionable!

But before we go any further let’s pause for another DIY style moment:

I’m kinda jealous of Poppy’s headband.

So retro.

Now, onward to tiling…

We broke out the wet saw:

We were able to get enough tile cut to get me started in the shower. I was a little nervous since I’ve never tiled before (and I’m working with a mix of tile), but I think it’s going okay!

IV worked upstairs until he needed to make a hardware store run. He headed to Lowe’s and set us up for success tomorrow.

Can’t wait!

Also, tomorrow is this cute guy’s birthday!

Moving on up to 6 years old!

Praise the Lord!