Luke 8

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Key verse:

“Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.” And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him.

Luke 8:39


Heavenly Father, how I praise and thank You for the great things You have done for me and for the wonderful work Christ did on the Cross of Calvary. My soul praises You O Lord, for all the benefits I have received at Your hand. You have forgiven me all my sin and healed all my diseases. You have redeemed my life from the pit of hell and set my feet on the road of righteousness. I pray that I may be as ready and willing to proclaim Your mighty works to the people I meet and that many would be released from the curse of sin and the chains of death. Thank You in Jesus’ name, AMEN.


Moves: + find a hill to run/walk up 5x.

A testimony:

Today’s key verse made me want to share this —

A month or so ago my son Duke was invited to play drums at a local church. We had never heard of this place so I went along with him out of curiosity. The preacher that day was a guest speaker — an “overseer” from the bigger church that had planted this one. His sermon was good. Different than the exegetical style we usually enjoy, but he was very versed in his knowledge of Scripture. (I was cross-checking him as any good “Berean” would.) At the end of the service they had a time of prayer, specifically for healing. Several people lined up at the front. We don’t do it this way at my church. At one point the preacher said, “I believe someone here has a pain in their upper right thigh that needs healing.” I thought sheepishly, “I have a pain in my upper right thigh.” — I had been struggling with persistent pain in what I normally referred to as my right hip for approximately two years. The strange thing to me was the specificity of his claim because technically the source of my problem was a nodule on the very top of my right thigh bone. I had never prayed it would be healed I had just learned some stretches and mobility exercises to help manage the pain and keep me functional. (I’ve got a library of hip-helps if you need a trainer to help you! – I’ll pray for you too!) Anyway, another lady immediately walked up, and I thought, “Oh, she’s the one. And besides if the Lord wants to heal my leg He can do it where I’m standing. I’m not going up there.” — The story of the centurion from yesterday’s reading came to my mind as I was pondering all this. The prayer time was coming to an end and the preacher recounted some of the requests: he pointed to the lady whom I had assumed had pain in her right leg, but he said she had pain in her left leg. I was like, “oomph.” Side note here: I would probably be more skeptical about a man being able to “sense” someone else’s pain but I do not like to limit the work of the Spirit, and didn’t I myself have literal heart palpitations up until the day my dad had his quadruple bypass surgery? End of the story, I knew the preacher was talking about me, I know he prayed for me to be healed, I believed Jesus could do it if He wanted to, and after some test drives, test pistol squats, test cartwheels, I can confidently say the Lord healed my leg that day. I couldn’t understand why He would do it, but a few days later I did. That’s a story for another day.

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