Matthew 11

There’s a pattern in Matthew that divides this book into six segments — facts about the person and work of Jesus followed by a teaching of Jesus. Each teaching and segment concludes with a phrase about Jesus finishing his teaching, instructions, or parables. Matthew 11:1 is the end of the second segment and the start of the third. Find the other segments!

Read the Scripture here.

Listen to the Bible Recap here.

Key verse:

I didn’t know Country Living magazine published Bible verses.


Dear Father, thank You that I can come close to You, knowing that the barrier of sin has been removed. Thank You that You give me true rest for my soul and perfect peace in my heart – and that in the midst of any storm Your peace that passes human understanding remains. Look with mercy on those who have not yet come to you for salvation and convict their hearts of their need to come to You and trust in Your redemptive blood for the forgiveness of sin.

From Knowing Jesus blog

Moves: 30 seconds each x4

  • Side plank with hip dip
  • Other side plank with hip dip
  • Tuck-ups
  • Pulse squat

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