Pilgrimage of the Heart: a devotional book review

My Bible study group at church spent the past 8+ weeks working our way through this study by Catherine Martin entitled Pilgrimage of the Heart: Satisfy Your Longing for Adventure with God.

This book was originally published in 2003 with a second edition done in 2016. With that said, it definitely took me back to my college days! Many of the quotes were from books and authors that were popular then, such as The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldridge. She also quoted Tozier and Spurgeon often, which I appreciated. Another author she quoted who I feel like I should know, and who I definitely want to read more from now, is Hannah Whitall Smith. Good stuff…here’s an example:

It may sometimes seem so impossible that the Lord can or does save that the words will not say themselves inside, but have to be said aloud, forcing one’s lips to utter them over and over, shutting one’s eyes and closing one’s ears against every suggestion of doubt no matter how plausible it may seem.

Hannah Whitall Smith in The God of All Comfort

Besides nice quotes this study was heavy on Scripture. I have a background in Precept studies by Kay Arthur so I appreciate a meaty Bible study. I also realize some people run away quickly when they here “Precept” because it has a reputation of being time consuming and tedious. On the other end of the spectrum, I have done my fair share of “lighter” Bible studies, (Beth Moore, Lysa TerKeurst, etc.) And enjoyed those as well. This study, in my opinion, is the perfect go-between.

The 5-6 days per week of study material was enough to keep me engaged but not too much as to overwhelm. The lessons, as I said earlier, are packed with Scripture. Each week she covers a different Psalm in detail and includes bountiful cross-references, and outside resources. She doesn’t always give you the answer and she doesn’t ask, “How does this make you feel?” Phew!

It may be strange that I’m reviewing a Bible study written 20 years ago but it was so refreshing I thought it deserved to be shared!

[There are video companions to go with this study, but we only sampled those. They weren’t necessary but I’m sure they would be beneficial as well.]

So travel back a couple of decades and pick this study up if you’re looking for a deep dive into the Psalms and a little challenge and encouragement for your walk with God.

This is her website:

I’ve ordered and plan to begin the next book in the series in the fall: Walk On Water Faith: Discovering Power In The Promises Of God

Maybe we can do it together!❤️

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