Faith, Fitness

Daily Dig: 8/10/21

Scripture: Luke 8

Jesus was in the boat with His disciples. This was His inner circle.

His inner circle wasn’t necessarily His family or neighbors. His inner circle was this chosen twelve, and beyond this was His “family”:

21 But he answered them, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.”

If you’re a hearer and a doer of the word of God today you are in the family of God. If you’re a follower of Jesus today you are in His inner circle.

So where is your faith?

When you feel fear and doubt creep in imagine Jesus asking you this. If you see the people in your inner circle slipping into fear and doubt ask them, “Where is your faith?” If you don’t have anyone in your life who will ask you this, take the initiative and form meaningful relationships. Form your own inner circle of faith and accountability.

Let’s challenge each other to stay strong in faith.

Journal: Write a prayer for the faith of your inner circle. If you don’t have a faith family ask the Lord to lead you to these relationships.

Move: YouTube Tabata Workout 7

Praise the Lord, and just show up.

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