Faith, Fitness

Daily Dig: 6/9/21

Scripture: Deuteronomy 6

ALL your heart.

ALL your soul.

ALL your strength.

Where do you spend your energy? How much do you waste worrying, arguing, holding bitterness, trying to control what you can’t, or trying to ignore it all?

Turn your attention to things of the Lord. Spend your energy on a relationship with God. If we walk with God, and see the world through His lens, we will know how to love others, we will know how to answer hard questions or how to accept not knowing every answer. We will live in peace.

Be consumed.

Journal: Write a prayer submitting your household to the Lord.

Move: Let’s do another tabata run: run to warmup then do 20 seconds of faster running, 10 seconds of recovery jogging/walking, repeat 8 times. Take a minute to recover as needed and repeat the process!

{Beginner’s run #22: Walk 5 minutes to warm-up, then run 9 minute/walk 1 minute x4, then walk 5 minutes to cool-down.}

Praise the Lord, and just show up.

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