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Daily Dig: 5/15/21

Scripture: Joshua 5

The Lord melts hearts. He melted the hearts of Israel’s enemies. He’ll melt the hearts of others in the end:

6 Wail, for the day of the LORD is near; as destruction from the Almighty it will come!

7 Therefore all hands will be feeble, and every human heart will melt.

8 They will be dismayed:

pangs and agony will seize them;

they will be in anguish like a woman in labor. They will look aghast at one another; their faces will be aflame.

Isaiah 13:6-8

Trust in the Lord. You want to be on His team. He’s going to win in the end.

Journal: Write a prayer to the Lord to melt the hearts of anyone you love who is resisting the Lord.

Move: Here’s a pin from my Pinterest with a workout you can do at home or at the gym:

Praise the Lord, and just show up!

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