Faith, Fitness

Daily Dig: 5/12/21

Scripture: Luke 5

There is a lot of activity in this passage:

  • Crowds pressing in.
  • Fishermen washing nets.
  • Teaching from the boat.
  • Casting fishing nets again.
  • Catching fish.
  • Calling disciples to “catch men.”
  • Healing a man from leprosy.
  • Great crowds gathering.
  • Teaching in a crowded house.
  • Healing a man from paralysis.
  • Forgiving sins.
  • Eating with tax collectors.
  • Telling parables in the presence of the Pharisees.

In the midst of all this activity (and it’s all good activity) there’s verse 16:

He would withdraw to pray. It wasn’t a one time thing. It was a habit of life. This time in prayer, time spent talking to His Father, was a time of refreshment for Jesus. It was a time away from the demands of the crowd to renew His strength. It was His “self-care”.

We all need this kind of self-care. We need this kind of self-care above all kinds of self-care…More than a mani-pedi, more than a good workout, more than an afternoon focusing on “me”. We need time in prayer with our Father.

Make time to pray.

Journal: Write a prayer to God for refreshment of your soul.

Move: 1-3 rounds of this:

Praise the Lord, and keep showing up.

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