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Daily Dig: 3/9/21

Scripture: Matthew 3 and 4

This is the message of John the Baptist leading the way for Jesus to come on scene.

Jesus comes and is baptized by John. Jesus then spends forty days in the wilderness fasting. After this, when He’s obviously REALLY hungry, he passes a severe test by Satan.

Then Jesus himself takes up the same message:

17 From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Matthew 4:17

This is still His message: Repent.

It’s not an easy life to follow Christ. There will always be temptations and trials. (These always seem worse when we’re hungry too, so Jesus really undertands!) Just trust Him day to day, meal to meal, and when you do mess up, repent immediately and march forth!

Journal: Write a new prayer of repentance. Also write down (and memorize) scripture that will help combat against your current temptations to sin.

Move: Tabata #9! Just move!

Praise the Lord, and just show up!