Faith, Fitness

Daily Dig: 1/27/21

Scripture: John 1

John begins to tell the story of Jesus…he gets deep and heavy right away. He tries to capture for us the complexity of Jesus: all God, all man; perfect and eternal.

He was there in the beginning: The Word…God.

He shines in the darkness: The Light.

He became human: Still the Word, and still God.

And then he took away all our sin: The Lamb of God…the perfect sacrifice.

That’s our Jesus…that’s our God. So complex, yet so simple.

Word, Light, Lamb…Savior!

Journal: Write out all the names of God that you know. Start with the ones listed above…look up more in your Bible. Notice how each name speaks to our need. Praise the Lord for providing for us in every way.

Move: A class at the gym, a walk or run, yoga with the kids…just do something. Here’s a link to my third tabata video if you wanna workout with me:

Tabata #3

Praise the Lord, the Word, the Light, the Lamb! And just keep showing up!

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