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Daily Dig: 1/26/21

Scripture: Jonah 1 and 2

Jonah reminds me of my youngest child. He will push it to the limit EVERY TIME!

One day he was having a really bad day, being contrary to everyone, on every issue. He was like Jonah…going the wrong way.

It came down to him missing lunch with his grandparents, hanging out with me at the grocery store, not getting anything he wanted, and sinking down into his misery. Then, suddenly, he was sorry. He was genuinely sorry and he told me so. He was like Jonah…he hit rock bottom, and was ready to turn it around.

Aren’t we all like this at times? I know I have been! The Lord tries to direct me, but it just isn’t what I want to do, so I try to ignore Him and go the other way. It NEVER works out!

Repentance, turning around to go God’s way, does work though. It brings peace and starts the process of restoration.

Journal: Write a prayer of thanksgiving to God…like Jonah, even if you’re sinking to the darkest depths, turn and give thanks to God for his grace, mercy, and everlasting love.

Move: Repeat from yesterday…if you got it done yesterday, then REST today.

Here’s the workout from yesterday: Run longer than you usually do…

{Beginner’s run #12: warm-up with a 5- minute walk, then run 6 minutes/walk 1 minute x4, then cool-down with a 5- minute walk.}

***I will be offering run training starting in February. I’ll be leading a 10k group, so if you can already run a 5k come run with me and let’s take it to the next level! First meet-up is the 2nd Thursday in February at 6:30pm. Email me for more information.***

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