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Daily Dig: 1/20/21

Scripture: Luke 1

I like Luke. He puts the story of Jesus in chronological order. You can really imagine the story happening as the writing unfolds.

And the story is full of drama. Good drama…who knew there was such a thing?

It’s good, because it’s TRUE.

Even though it may seem inconceivable that an old lady and her virgin cousin would be visited by angels and then pregnant within a short time span (within any time span!), it’s the true story of John the Baptist and Jesus.

Like Mary we may ask, “How can this be?” But let’s trust like Mary as well, because “nothing will be impossible with God.”

Journal: Use Luke 1:46-55 as a template to write your own prayer of praise to God…copy Mary’s words exactly if you want. And don’t only praise Him for what He’s already done, but for what He’s going to do!

Move: Below is a link to another one of my amazing tabata videos! Haha. The workouts are good, but I do realize the videos are subpar. If you hate them, shop around on YouTube for a workout series you do like, and that you will do. Or get to the gym for a class!

Tabata workout #3

Praise the Lord, and keep showing up!

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