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Daily Dig: 1/7/21

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1

That chapter in Ecclesiastes is tough…seemingly sad:

18 For in much wisdom is much vexation,
and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

Does this mean that ignorance really is bliss? I doubt it. Remember back to Proverbs 1:

7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
fools despise wisdom and instruction.

The Lord wants us to have knowledge and wisdom, but He also wants us to have faith. This faith includes trusting that He’s got it all under control and that His thoughts are bigger than our thoughts.

Like Romans 11:33 in the image above, “Oh, the depth…”

Journal: Write out some questions you have for God, or some frustrations. Then take them to Him in prayer. Submit to the depths of His knowledge and wisdom, and walk in faith.

Move: At least one day a week I try to hit the weights in the gym or jump on the Peloton.

This is one of my favorite gym workouts:

No gym? No worries. You can do variations of all this at home with a set of dumbbells!

The “2 minute row” is meant for the row machine but if you have an elastic exercise tube you can sit with legs long and put the band around the bottom of your feet and row right on your living room floor! And turn those “hanging leg lifts” into lying with long legs lowering and lifting.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Praise the Lord, and keep showing up!

1 thought on “Daily Dig: 1/7/21”

  1. “He who increases knowledge increases sorrow”…. how amazing this is. You’d think it should produce happiness, yet God’s ways are mysterious and holy. I think The Lord accomplishes his greatest work through sorrow and when we face difficulties, we partake in Christ’s suffering as he was a Man of Sorrows. Thank you for your encouragement, Katie!! 🤗🤗

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