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Daily Dig: 5/31/20

Scripture: Hosea 5 and 6

Hosea 5 is God’s rebuke and Hosea 6 is the people’s response. It should be our response:

Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD; his going out is sure as the dawn; he will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.”


And what does He expect from us…

For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.


He wants our steadfast love, and He wants us to know Him.

This sounds a lot like what I wrote about on Thursday: steadfastness.

Journal: Write a prayer and ask the Lord to show you what verse 6:6 would look like in your life.

Move: Rest, recover, or repeat.

{Beginner’s run #18: Walk 5 minutes to warm-up, then run 8 minute/walk 1 minute x3, then walk 5 minutes to cool-down.}

Praise the Lord, and keep showing up.

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