Faith, Fitness

Daily Dig: 5/25/20

Scripture: 2 Kings 5

I like this story because there is immediate healing and recognition of God as the only God, and there’s also immediate punishment for bad behavior. It’s very cut and dry. I wish life were like that more often.

Naaman hears of a prophet who can heal him, he writes a letter, and goes to Elisha. Naaman is skeptical for a moment, but he has some good folks around him who talk him into giving Elisha’s command to “wash in the Jordan seven times” a try. He’s healed. Lessons: seek help when needed, surround yourself with people who want good for you, and listen to wisdom.

He’s healed, glorifies God, and offers a reward which Elisha declines.

Then silly Gehazi waits til Elisha isn’t looking and goes after Naaman to get a little something for himself. Elisha is a prophet…he knows what’s going on. And Gehazi takes on the leprosy from which Namaan was healed. Lesson: don’t be greedy.

Journal: Write a prayer for wisdom to do what’s right.

Move: Full interval strength workout

Praise the Lord, and just show up.

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