Faith, Fitness

Daily Dig: 4/15/20

Scripture: John 4

Jesus knows what we need before we even ask.

But he wants us to ask.

He can fulfill any emptiness within you. He is the only one who can satisfy your soul.

Ask him for this living water.

Believe Him, trust Him, and like the woman at the well go and tell everyone you know about Him.

Journal: Write a prayer and ask the Lord to fulfill any needs you have… any loneliness, fear, worry…he already knows, so be honest with Him and yourself.

Move: Run/walk 3 easy miles.

{Beginner’s run #22: Walk 5 minutes to warm-up, then run 9 minute/walk 1 minute x4, then walk 5 minutes to cool-down.}

Praise the Lord, and just show up!

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