Salad Hack 2.0

Even though I have had success with my first “salad hack,” I’m always trying to up my salad-eating game.

While at youth camp with our church last week I took advantage of the cafeteria’s salad bar and ate salad everyday. When I got home I missed that easy access salad and wanted to bring a “salad bar” to my kitchen. I started shopping for the storage container I had in mind but couldn’t find one that was just right, so like any resourceful person would do, I used what I had and…


A mini salad bar that has one lid to open and fits in my fridge.

It’s just an old-school Tupperware cake-taker flipped over and filled with various Tupperware containers that I already owned.

I filled the cups with the produce that I’d bought on sale and some from the garden (as in Salad Hack #1), along with some cottage cheese, black beans, and pickled beets, and voila…lazy girl’s salad!

I’m thinking when one container is emptied I’ll refill it as quickly as possible with the same component or something new so hopefully things will always stay fresh and I’ll only have to do a total renovation every few weeks or so.

Plus, this easy access mini-bar pairs well with Salad Hack #1…just add your grain of choice!

Now go clean out your Tupperware cabinet and put those babies to use!

Praise the Lord for Tupperware. 😄

1 thought on “Salad Hack 2.0”

  1. Love this idea!! I’m the only one in my house that likes all the “fixins” on my salad so I rarely do salad, Katie. But I love. This may be just the thing to help me do salad! So thank you for sharing!

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