Motivation for the Final Kick

Work on the house has slowed a bit over the past few months. We have planted a garden, and cut some brush, and mowed and weed-eated, and mowed and weed-eated, and mowed and weed-eated. King and Duke have finally come to grips with this new never ending chore…I think.

We’ve been planning since the beginning to have a “low country boil” house-warming party to thank everyone who has lent a hand over the last year, or given supplies or giftcards, or extra prayers. It’s finally going to happen so our desire to finish projects around the house has been rejuvenated!

Now, if you haven’t been invited to our party yet, have no fears…you can claim your spot by helping me knock some stuff off this list. 😅

I’ve gotten things rolling by re-opening some paint cans. I cleared the clutter from these shelves and painted the back wall gray:

They’ll house my coffee mugs and some flower vases. I wish we could’ve spared these built-ins from being behind the stairs but that was the only way to fit in access to the boys room. It works.

Next, I decided to tackle the laundry room ceiling.

I’ve got this pretty blue which I also used on the foyer ceiling. I love it.

And no, there wasn’t enough so I’ve got to make a Home Depot run for more and for paint rollers too.

Next up…the porch ceiling so IV can hang my swing!

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