Six Months in Review

Before and after (ish) shots:

From the front of the house to the back…that’s how I worked (am working). IV started in the back and then jumped from spot to spot. We met in the middle and since then we’ve been working mostly together to make this old farmhouse our home.

We’re definitely not finished but it’s getting cozier by the day…

Here’s how far we’ve come:

That’s Lottie and Eva’s room during the “wallpaper stripping” phase.  

Here is the after…though it’s really already changed since then with the Lego table being replaced with Polo the puppy’s cage:

Next, is the little boys’ bedroom…we couldn’t convince them to keep the pink:


Now that the big boys’ have moved out the littles have even more space to fight over…still have to figure that mess out.

Since I mentioned the big boys we’ll skip on to their new room, which we actually just (pretty much) finished.

Here’s the before…a rough attic space:

And here’s the after:

They’ve done their own thing with the furniture up there…they didn’t like my “fixer upper” reveal…and Grammy and Grandaddy just gave them two twin beds so they’re not sleeping on mattresses on the floor anymore.  They’re officially living the high-life in the penthouse suite.

The stairway to get up to their room was a big project (and still needs rails)…


And this is not a “moved-in” after picture, but you can see what IV did there:

Since we’ve jumped to the kitchen, let’s turn around and see the other side…


And after!: 

[When I said, “This mess to my left” above I’m talking about a pile of construction tools and other misplaced things sitting under the stairwell…that’s why I don’t have a “moved-in” after pic of the stairs yet. ]

Ok…let’s jump to the bathrooms now…

The main bath before:

And after:

And the master bath before (that’s a closet):

And after! (I’ll paint the rest of that trim…one day):

This new shiny bathroom is part of our master bedroom.

The biggest improvement here is the wood floors:


IV’s made the rest of it a rustic escape, and I like it:

In the living room we really just painted and opened the fireplace…



And then there’s my new favorite space…the entryway.

Here it it before:

And the after:

Lastly for the home improvements, there are still areas needing improvement with the biggest being my laundry room:

I have laid half the tile in there but that’s it…

And there are many other things unfinished, but time and money are sometimes hard to come by.  That’s why we’re SO VERY THANKFUL for all the help we’ve received from family and friends!

Speaking of…

We’ve also been making improvements outside with the latest being a freshly dug shooting pit for IV to train with his firearms:

Thanks Chad and Pro-Scapes Landscape!!!

(And yes, they tested it out.)😉


I hope you all have enjoyed this little six month recap! 

And if you ever have a construction skill you’d like to put to use just come knocking on this door! 😁:

Next up: HVAC!!! 

Praise the Lord!!!

2 thoughts on “Six Months in Review”

  1. What a transformation! Y’all sure have vision and how to accomplish the project. So proud of both of you. AWESOME


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