We’re still working…

It’s been a bit since I posted about the house…

It’s still a work in progress!

I haven’t posted because we’ve been doing little bits here and there but nothing really “grand” has come to completion.

Here are some pics of progress from the past month or so…

We were able to officially move into the kitchen so I could finally arrange the furniture in the living room:

This made space for IV to open the fireplace. He had to make a little awning for it because it’s pretty shallow and we worried about it smoking up the house. We also put the TV on the mantel despite the lack of outlets on that wall:

We were glad to have the fireplace on those COLD nights, because even if it was in the 60s during the day, as soon as the sun would set the temperature in the house would plummet.

I know there are more of those freezing temps to come…

On a side note…95% of my belongings come from yardsales and I love that they fit right in to the “old house” scene:

Back to the renovations…IV cut another slab of counter top for this little section:

It still hasn’t been poly-ed…that’s what I mean about nothing really being completed lately. Just too much to do at once!

Also in this same corner of the kitchen I tackled some more tiling! This window was boarded up and didn’t get replaced with the others. It would’ve been nice to have the extra sunlight, but with the stove outlet right under it we decided to leave it sealed. I was happy with my tile pattern. (Thanks again, Roxanna and Co., for the tile!):

I asked Santa for a stove hood. 😉 

Our time to work has been so random…

I came home one day and IV had spontaneously hung rail and crown in our bedroom.  I think I’m suppose to paint it but I kinda like it as is…and I’m a little tired of painting. Ha.

Then we started decorating for Christmas and, boy, has that been fun!

Eva, Crockett, and I made this:

I made a wreath too, and once I got into decorating I was motivated to paint something:

Christmas is just my absolute favorite…

And as I was hanging a second wreath on the kitchen door I was reminded of how much more we have to Do!

Oh well, like I’ve said before…we won’t be bored anytime soon!!!

…And I haven’t even mentioned the boys’ upstairs room! There is progress! Sloooow progress…

More to come.

Praise the Lord!

And Merry Christmas!!!

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