Cruising through Life

IV and I got back to work today after a week at sea:

Cruise Day 1

It was a blissful week of rest and rejuvenation…soaking in the sun and all of God’s beautiful creation.

Sunrise at sea

This trip was suppose to be a celebration that we were finished with the renovations of our home.

Ummm…not quite.

We knew we had the lingering “no kitchen sink” problem waiting for us at home.

IV fought the good fight today, and he did make progress, but still…

So close…and that is not my chosen sink faucet but the one from the old sink. It works and was free.

While he was doing battle in the kitchen, I was getting things re-started in the laundry room:

Tile! And the only clean corner in my house.

Yes, the above caption is terribly true.

Sigh….where’s my cabin steward when I need him. Ha.

Now I’m spoiled.

I’m also thankful.

The week away renewed IV’s and my thankfulness for the road we’ve traveled since we’ve been married.

At one point we joked that we love each other more than ever, but we care less what each other thinks.  

It’s kind of a true (though cruel sounding) joke…I think what we mean is that we realize that neither or us is going to make the other completely happy all the time, and that’s okay.

IV summed it up to our friends and travel companions in his “three keys to a happy marriage”:

  • Grace – show each other grace. Continually
  • No expectations – (this is a big one for me. 😉) Every good thing that happens is a gift.
  • Go to church – I was kind of surprised this was on his list, but I understand it. Church is where we have a chance to relate to other broken people who are following after Jesus in faith…the same as us. This strengthens our faith. And when we’re renewed in faith we can more easily show grace to each other.
Our church on this eve…there’s a sliver of a rainbow there.

Those “three keys” make sense to me! And it works for us.

Cruise Day 6

Definitely praising the Lord for that!

Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.

1 Peter 3:8 

{P.S. IV says he’s going to have my sink and dishwasher installed and ready to use tonight…

That would be nice, BUT…

No expectations.😉}

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