One Good Day

After a couple of good days at the beach with Grammy and Grandaddy and the rest of the family…

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

…It was back to work this afternoon:

IV gained ground with the countertop!  I hope that will be a done deal by the end of the week. We might have had it done today if the weather hadn’t been so nice!

We had to go outside…

Sgt. Cain brought his tractor over and tilled us up a garden spot!

Watering the dirt

Then he pushed a bunch of brush out of the yard:

We’re very thankful for this, and I’m thankful I caught IV before he chopped my Rose of Sharon down!


As nice as it was to play in the dirt, I had to do a little work inside as well…

The old tiles were popping right off, and I’m glad! That’s another step forward in the laundry room! It’s a process…

Then it was off to play a game of ultimate frisbee with some friends; we played til the sun went down on this beautiful day!

Praise the Lord!

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