While I was out…

IV and I both have been mostly away from the house the past two weeks…each in our own endeavors. (Stay tuned to the fitness section of this blog to hear about what I’ve been up to.)

He finally found his way back on Friday, but I didn’t make it til Sunday.

I was pleasantly surprised by the work that had been done while I was away…

Our friends Shannon and Thomas are pecan farmers…is that what you call them? Anyway, they grow, tend, and harvest pecans, and they brought some of their equipment out and trimmed our most looming tree branches!

That tree was skimming the roof before the cut.
And these branches are no longer endangering our new power line.

We owe them big time for this peace of mind.

On the inside of the house IV took on the task I’d been dreading…He moved the heavy travertine tiles off the carpet in the laundry room so we could pull up said carpet and put down said tile.

This unveiled a layer of tile that now needs to be removed.

I’m just thankful that step one is done!

In the kitchen there’s a bit of a struggle going on between IV and the sink and countertop.  I was hoping to be able to post pictures of that installed, but IV had to take a step back (thus the work in the laundry room) and regroup. 

We’ll get it done one way or another. 

Praise the Lord for that.

And praise the Lord for what’s to come.

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