Now We’re (almost) Cooking

Time has flown this week, and Labor Day seems so long ago already!  

We had a fun time hosting our “First Annual Flower Field Dove Shoot”. (I’m just making up names as I go here. 😉)

Friends 💙… I mean, manly men. 💪

Grammy and Grandaddy came out too.

Grandaddy and Duke

It was nice to have a little motivation to advance the house from construction zone status to guest appropriate:

IV hung the chandelier Roxanna gave me, and Eva cleaned off the porch table.

It was such a fun day, and, Lord willing, there are many more of those to come.

Here’s what else we got done this week:

Yay for kitchen floors!!!  My hubby did good…and he’s cute. 

While he was busy doing that I just hung around and dreamed of fields of flowers. 

“Tour de Blooms at K&L Flower Farm” (Again, I’m just making these names up.😁)

Of course, I had to do some laundry too…

Thankfully, I had a couple of cute helpers and some warm country sunshine…I let them do all the work:

Everything we’ve been doing on the house (as well as the extra elbow room it’s given us all) has sparked the kids’ creativity a bit.

I love Duke’s craft from this week:

Fishing rod holder and tackle box shelf…He’s caught the fishing bug big time!
He made a few more tweeks that I didn’t get a picture of…I just love watching his process.

After all the play (and IV’s hard work) we got to start moving into the kitchen!

Never thought I’d be so excited about a plain old stove! 

Thankfully, Craig came over and helped IV move the heavy stuff, because I was really tired from taking all those pictures of flowers. 😂 

Nah, FOR REAL, I’m so thankful for IV’s hard work and for all the people who’ve helped us along the way.

We can see a finish line up ahead where at least we will be able to say the construction is over for a while. 

The next big goal is the counter top and sink, and then it’s onward to finishing the boys’ room!!!

Of course, there are still some BIG holes along the way (literally and figuratively), but we’ll get them patched up in time. 

The more pressing matter is if our shade trees can withstand this storm, OR can our house withstand the trees???  ðŸ˜£ 

I guess we’ll soon find out!

Praising the Lord who calms the storms.

1 thought on “Now We’re (almost) Cooking”

  1. Love, love the floors, I think they turned out great, and the porch table… 👍👍keep up the good work!!! 💪💪😍 Praying the storm will pass y’all without any problems!!! 🙏🏻 love ya!! 🤗🤗

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