Home Rehab: Schoolhouse and Construction Zone

This week we had a successful first week of school in our new home.

Our makeshift kitchen made a fine workspace.

Being without internet, having spotty cell phone service, and being more than a short hop to town made for some quality uninterrupted hours of study. 

We weren’t the only ones working though…

IV and Richard hung the can lights that Tim and Carrie gave us in the kitchen.

And IV got the kitchen floor all nailed down. (Except for a bit under the stairs.)

See my big slab of oak counter top?

It was fun watching IV and Poppy cut that down to size!

Thankful Nana and Poppy came back for a day to help with some details…door knobs, light fixtures, sweeping, and cleaning…the list goes on.

Also, I think I failed to mention last week that Grammy and Grandaddy were a HUGE help in getting us moved out of the old house and into the new…They provided childcare, food, and helped move the piano, amongst much more!

We’re just thankful all-around…

And a shout-out to Lulu…who was obviously meant to be a farm dog.

Praise the Lord!

3 thoughts on “Home Rehab: Schoolhouse and Construction Zone”

  1. So grateful to be part of your journey… thanks for sharing it with all with us!!!😍 I dreaded the first school day, felt so not ready, but eventually we got it in a moving motion, so that’s good! 😊


    1. Yes…I wasn’t sure about starting amongst all the mess, but I knew we had to! I hope we can do some field trips again this year!


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