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Home Rehab Day 30: Too Much for a Sunday Afternoon

Today, I needed some tiles cut to go around the toilet.

We tried the jigsaw with a diamond tile blade but it just wasn’t cutting it. (That’s punny.)

So, IV manipulated the wet saw to cut these perfect curves along the lines I’d traced on the tiles:

I hung my head in shame as I admitted what I’d done. 

He’s so merciful though. All he said was, “The only people these things don’t happen to are the people who don’t do anything.”

And then he cut two new tiles for me…the right way. ❤

I set the floor tile and then started grouting the shower.

I thought this would be the easy part, but I might have been crying my first bout of shower tears if Richard hadn’t been there to save me.

I was struggling on the first wall and he came in and slapped that stuff right on the second one. (He’s obviously done this before. 🤔)

I was beyond thankful.

Also, Richard and IV were taking down a board covering a window in the kitchen and when they flipped it over this is what they found:

Sorry…it’s sold. 🤗 We bought all the “acers”. Haha!

We were entertained.

After that it turned out to be a long day, but good stuff was done…

It looks like a crime scene, but we just want to keep them clean until they’re stained.
IV said that was a PAIN, but they finally got it in.

We’re on a countdown to returning to our new “normal” life now!

Gonna be living in that construction zone real soon!

Praise the Lord.

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