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Home Rehab Day 28: Tiling and Styling!

We took more boxes and such to the house today, and we were able to reorganize a bit so it’s becoming functionable!

But before we go any further let’s pause for another DIY style moment:

I’m kinda jealous of Poppy’s headband.

So retro.

Now, onward to tiling…

We broke out the wet saw:

We were able to get enough tile cut to get me started in the shower. I was a little nervous since I’ve never tiled before (and I’m working with a mix of tile), but I think it’s going okay!

IV worked upstairs until he needed to make a hardware store run. He headed to Lowe’s and set us up for success tomorrow.

Can’t wait!

Also, tomorrow is this cute guy’s birthday!

Moving on up to 6 years old!

Praise the Lord!

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