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Home Rehab Day 27: Wood Floor Winning

Nana and Poppy are back! Yay!

We’re starting to take bigger and bigger loads of boxes and stuff to the house. Tomorrow’s goal is to organize so we can continue to move in without being stuck in a cluttered mess.

I’m trying to get our bedroom move-in ready so I got to work on the floors today.

Our construction fund is running low so I couldn’t afford to rent the buffer/sander I’d hoped for so Nana and I scraped and swept, and then I went after it with a belt sander. 

It worked!

I’m excited to see how it looks with coat of poly on it, but I’m going to try to finish up the bathroom before I do that!

Poppy worked in there today getting rid of that weird trimmed square…

{Old pic}
…turns out it was a bathroom vanity inserted in the wall for the other bathroom, and then it was covered by the mirror in that bathroom. 
Anyway…it’s gone now.

IV and Duke worked upstairs a while today framing up a wall and knocking down dirt dobber nests.

I’m looking forward to making more progress this weekend! 

Praise the Lord!

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