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Home Rehab Day 26: Tag Team Take 3

We made good progress today.

It’s probably because I was well fueled:

Peach milkshake…yum.

I painted the itty-bitty bathroom:


And I arranged all my tiles for the floor and marked the ones that need to be cut:

Tiles make me nervous. 

A storm started blowing in, and those huge trees around our house made me nervous too! The kids had to be at church anyway, so I tagged IV in as we headed out.

As I drove away down County Road 229 I came to a truck stopped in the road because of a giant limb down.  I had to get out in the storm and help him drag it to the side! Thunder and lightning are not my friend but I felt pretty tough out there… like a real country woman. 😂


IV worked the late evening shift and made himself a staircase:


He’s got skills.

Praise the Lord.

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