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Home Rehab Day 24: Paint and Plywood

Today was a LONG day for both IV and me.

I went to the house this morning and painted the beadboard…


And I also painted this cute little medicine cabinet I bought at a yard sale a while back…


It will hang in our new bathroom…the paint should be dry tomorrow and I’ll get an “after” pic.

I spent the rest of the day running here and there…taking care of business.

When IV was finished taking care of his business he went to the house and was able to get the shower walls up and start on the staircase. He didn’t take any pics so we’ll all be in suspense until tomorow.

It was 9 pm before we were both home and settling down.

Can’t wait to be moved in so we can live and work simultaneously… I’m ready to resume our normal schedule.

Praise the Lord.

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