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Home Rehab Day 23: Working Side-by-Side

Today IV and I were working side-by-side for the first time since we started this project.

We’re trying to get the master bed and bath move-in ready.

I was laying out my tile pattern for the shower while he was sawing and nailing beadboard…


I’m going to mix up those smaller tiles for a little mosaic effect.  It’s taking more tile than I imagined to wall the shower stall, but I think it’s going to work!

After I put all those away I started sanding and caulking the beadboard. (Really, I don’t even know if it’s called “beadboard”…but it’s a wide wood paneling.)


We both like the way it’s turning out, and it was fun working together today.

I was thinking about how the jobs we were doing parallel our marriage…

IV was sawing and nailing…laying the foundation like he does for our family…making things strong and stable.

He’s always strong in his faith, and he doesn’t change for anybody.  Sometimes he may seem a little crooked and rough, but his love for Jesus and his love for his family never waver.

And I was coming behind him sanding and caulking…making things smooth and neat like how I smooth out IV’s strong personality so we can still interact with normal society on most occasions. 😅

It’s a tough job, but I’m glad I get to do it!

Praise the Lord!

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