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Home Rehab Day 22: Bath, Floor, and DIY Fashion

Taylor came out and made even more progress in the bathroom today…and then he was gone.


IV took over, and as soon as he gets the walls framed in and the backer board up it’s all me with the tile!

Also, IV’s going to nail up some beadboard in the bedroom and then I’ll be able to finish painting.  After that, I’ll get to work on the wood floors!


That’s a full week’s work lined up for me!

While Taylor was working in the bathroom, IV was clearing the way in the kitchen…IMG_20170722_135427_933

That plank floor is super cool but it’s only that section…the other tongue and groove flooring is buried under layers of glue and nails so we have to come up with a solution here.

This is the bigger picture:


Much to do…

But we should all pause here and give IV some major style points for his outfit of the day. 🤣


Gotta love him!

(And he’s gonna kill me.)

Praise the Lord!

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