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Home Rehab Day 20: Girls’ Day

It’s just past 8:30 p.m. and I’m shutting down for the night.

It’s been a productive day.

I was released from peeling prison!!!


With the wallpaper down and primer up I decided to change my scenery for a bit…

I went back to the cabinets I’d primed on Sunday and put a coat of Behr’s “Weathered Moss” on them.


I love it!

It’s a nice, soft gray and it went on smoothly…I think it’s going to look great with the subway tile Roxanna brought.

Speaking of the Romanian angel 😘…she showed up just as I was finishing the cabinets with amother load of goods. (I realize it says “amother” instead of the “another” I intended, but I like it…and it was a mother load!😆)

She and Leila had loaded some beautiful travertine tiles and a few rolls of carpet and padding into her truck. They had the help of a very skilled forklift driver named Anna to get the pallet of tiles from a high corner at AML Flooring in Suwanee…the owner there (and the only male in today’s story…thus the “Girls’ Day” title), Arek Laski, offered the tiles for us to have.

I’m so thankful!

And excited!

I’m going to make my laundry room into my oasis since I spend so much time there…and those tiles are just the beginning!

Praise the Lord!

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