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Home Rehab Day 19: No Bubbles, No Fear

I took the morning off and took the littles to Six Flags. IMG_20170719_121727_380.jpg

It was a hot day so this was the #1 place for the kids to play away.

At about 2pm we left and headed to our current home. From there, we changed clothes, loaded the truck, and drove out to our new house. (I can’t call it “home” yet for some reason. )

When we got there I was pleasantly surprised to see NO bubbles in the paint I had applied over the unremovable wallpaper! Yay!


So, I continued the process and all was well…

UNTIL…a {rather large} spider came creeping up in my space. (I actually think he was trying to get out of my space, but we were sharing a space for a brief moment nonetheless.)

I didn’t freak out, but when I came back with the bug spray he was gone, and that didn’t give me a peaceful, easy feeling.

Now, I know that when you buy an old farmhouse in the country the spiders are part of the deal. And I know that this was not a dangerous spider, just a big one. And I know that we haven’t sealed everything up yet so it’s like an open invitation for visitors of all sorts. BUT, that eight-legged fiend made me want to forget the whole thing and stay on Pinewood Drive, where there are only small spiders, and not too many of them.

It’s unreasonable and silly, but I do have fears of moving to the country.  (Maybe it’s more unreasonable that I feel so safe living in town???)

I don’t know, but what I do know is that I can overcome my reasonable and unreasonable fears by trusting in the God who created that nasty spider, the God who has allowed us to buy this old farmhouse, the God who has provided so many gifts to allow us to make it a comfortable home…the God who will care for us whether in the widest open field, or the tallest shiny building. I’m thankful I can trust Him with the small things and the big things.  I couldn’t live without His peace.

Just preaching to myself here.

Praise the Lord.




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