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Home Rehab Day 18: Tag Team take 2

I didn’t take any pictures today…

We’ve slowed in the nitty-gritty prep and underlying work that has to be done before progress can be seen.

I spent about 5 hours peeling wallpaper. It was going quickly until I hit a spot where the paper was applied directly to the drywall. I can’t wet it and peel as before so I picked and picked all the loose ends and then just painted over it. It bubbled in a couple of places but I’m not sure what else to do.

Lottie came in once and said, “Wow Mom, you’re really working.” That was good enough for motivation to keep at it.

IV and I crossed paths as I headed to Covington and he headed to Shady Dale.

He got another layer of plywood put down in the new bathroom…

A little more exciting than peeling wallpaper, but he didn’t take a picture either.

SO, nothing picture worthy, but it wasn’t nothing at all.

Praise the Lord.

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