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Home Rehab Day 17: Kids Under Construction

IV worked long (is still working long) at his normal ol’ boring job today, so he didn’t get to go to the house.

The kids and I spent several hours out there this morning though, and this is what we (I) got done:


One sideways wall…peeled and primed.

Meanwhile, the kids managed to brew up a battle of wills and tempers in the “bro cave”.

Of course, this lead to the telling of five different sides to the same story, which lead to one kid being punished, one having a snack (low blood sugar causes most major wars, I believe), and all five being banished from the bro cave for the rest of the day.

It also lead to King and Duke helping me peel wallpaper, which worked out to my benefit. 🙂


And before my alarm went off to tell me it was time to clean up and get on the road, they were all playing happily in Ace and Crockett’s new room…

…like nothing ever happened.


We’re all a work in progress.



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