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Home Rehab Day 15: The Halfway Point

We’ve been working on this house for two weeks now. We hope to be moving in after two more. An overly-ambitious goal???

Of course, there will still be lots of work to do after we move in. (I think there will be work to do on this house for as long as we live there.)  But, we are hoping to have it comfortable to live in by July 29. (That’s Crockett’s birthday and the day Nana and Poppy will come back down to help us again.)

It seems like we have so far too go, so I have to remind myself of how much we’ve accomplished thus far (with a little help from our friends, of course! 😉)

Here are the highlights of today:

Yay! A new (completely functional) toilet!

And it’s sitting on the new bathroom flooring, next to the freshly painted cabinets:


It’s definitely a few steps up from gas station status now!

Poppy worked in there all day with the floor and the trim.  We’re thankful for his work!

Taylor also came back this morning and put some finishing touches on his masterpiece:


I don’t know what it is, but it looks good to me!!!

IV sweated away upstairs today, and Ryan came to help him finish up…

…and VOILÀ!:


The upstairs room is roughed in! Woohoo!!!

In less exciting news, I spent the day putting Kilz on the kitchen cabinets Nana cleaned up for me…


…And I discovered what I’m going to be doing the rest of the week…


…Peeling stubborn (and unfortunately un-paint-over-able) wallpaper.  yay.

At least we ended the day with a good laugh and a yummy cannoli cake from Bread & Butter Bakery for Nana’s birthday…

[Insert picture of delicious cake here🎂]

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Nana!

And praise the Lord!

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