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Home Rehab Day 14: Plumb Crazy

We had lots of extra hands today.

At the break of day, this hard-working fellow came out to haul off debris for us:


It was nice getting that huge pile of stuff out of the way, and what a polite young man he was.

Praise the Lord.

Then there was Taylor…plumbing in the new bathroom.

Progress was made, but I didn’t get a picture of it.

We’re very grateful for him coming up and using his skills in our home.

Outside, Granddaddy was mowing some paths around the house:


(I think he was having too much fun on that John Deere. 😉)

At lunchtime, Ryan showed up with some BBQ Grammy ordered up for us, and then he got to work in the upstairs furnace…I mean, bedroom:


IV was glad for someone else who could handle working in that heat.

Leila came and brought us a load of goodies and sanded some stair treads for us…with her very own sander:


Leila’s friend Roxanna, who’s now MY friend and one of my favorite people 😄, was able to gather up some materials for us, including some beautiful tile from Paramount Community Builders.

She came out today with a load of stuff that we are VERY grateful for and are excited to put to use!!! (I can’t wait to play with that tile!)

Nana and Poppy stuck with us all day too…working, cleaning, working, cleaning.


By the time supper rolled around we were all ready for a birthday meal at El Charro…

We celebrated Nana, Taylor, Georgia, Crockett, AND Grandaddy!

It was quite the fiesta and a great way to end the day.

Praise the Lord!

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