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Home Rehab Day 12: Tag Team

I may have nightmares of peeling paint tonight.

I kept thinking I had all of the loose places peeled off, but then when I would go to roll on fresh paint another spot would bubble up.

Very frustrating.

BUT, I did get the bathroom walls painted in the end:


And that’s the only picture of progress I have for you today.

It’s at least one step closer.

I passed by IV on my way to take Lottie to VBS…he was headed to the house with a load of bead board for our bedroom.

The walls in there were covered in painted wallpaper. Nana peeled the top half off…revealing this pretty but torn up floral pattern…


We’re afraid that if we start peeling off below the chair rail that the sheetrock is going to come off with it.

That’s where the bead board comes in.

We’ll see how it goes.

Other than that, IV said he got most of the floor put down for King and Duke’s room, so that’s a win.

The tag team approach got it done.

Praise the Lord.

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