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Home Rehab Day 11: Just more paint

IV didn’t make it to the house today to work, but I was able to put in 4 or so hours of painting…

It just doesn’t seem like I got much done.

I finished the breezeway room except for the floor…(Eva had trimmed this room some, and Duke rolled a tidbit for me today, so that was nice.)


I’m hoping to get to that floor tomorrow afternoon.

I trimmed the bathroom, but when I went to paint the walls things got weird.


I had to step out of the paint fumes long enough to realize that was just the old paint peeling off and not “weird, stretchy wallpaper”. Haha. I’m a dork. 🤓

Anyway, I did get a good start in there.


I decided to paint the cabinets, so I went to Home Depot while Duke was in tumbling.

I chose Behr’s “Swiss Coffee” for the bathroom cabinets and went ahead and bought paint for the kitchen cabinets too.

I had been leaning toward a green for the kitchen but once I got to the store and looked at the chips again I just couldn’t decide!


The green was too much for me and Lottie agreed that the gray was better so we bought a gallon of “Weathered Moss”.

I’ve been basing my choices off Behr’s “farmhouse” pallet, because it is indeed a farmhouse I’m painting…and the colors make me happy.


Hopefully we’ll get to see how “Durango Blue” looks on a previously painted hardwood floor tomorrow…

Stayed tuned. 😉

And praise the Lord.

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